24 - 26 September 2024

Riyadh International Convention
& Exhibition Center

Fostering sustainable urban spaces
in Saudi Arabia

Launching in September 2024, Smart Cities Saudi Expo is set to revolutionize urban development through the seamless blend of human, robotic, and citizen-centered solutions. 

During this three-day event, exhibitors and visitors will gain valuable insights into industry trends, cutting-edge technologies, and best practices. Attendees can take advantage of the opportunity to establish significant business connections that can pave the way for collaboration and real-world business opportunities. 

Smart Cities Saudi Expo is co-located with the Saudi Infrastructure Expo and Global Water Expo. This offers access to the entire spectrum of solutions needed to shape Saudi Arabia's evolving infrastructure landscape. 

How can you participate?

Meet high profile decision-makers from private and government sectors, place your products directly in the hands of buyers, and provide a powerful sales message to potential clients. Visit an event packed with expert-led content, knowledge leaders, and the latest products that will drive your business forward.

Our Story

Established in 1979 in Dubai, the trading hub between East and West, over the past four decades dmg events, has enabled partnerships, advanced knowledge and industry best practices, while serving as the gateway for international companies to access emerging markets. 

Year after year, we have facilitated trade and brought thousands of innovative products to the Middle East region and beyond, helping construction professionals thrive through face-to-face connections. 

Continuing to evolve and expand into new territories from its UAE origins to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, and South Africa, the portfolio has also developed specialized events for the construction, infrastructure, water, smart cities, landscape, concrete,  PMV, stone, HVAC R, glass, windows, doors & facades, and facilities management sectors. 

Today, dmg events attracts over 100,000 participants, supporting real estate developers, architects, contractors, engineers, consultants, manufacturers, and distributors to excel with their projects and be ready for this new and very different era. 




Our Mission

Our mission is to unite the global smart city community and provide leading-edge innovation, knowledge, and business opportunities for industry stakeholders to connect, grow, and succeed. We believe in accelerating progress in the smart city industry to support economic growth and promote a healthier and more sustainable built environment around the world.