24 - 26 September 2024

Riyadh International Convention
& Exhibition Center

Strategically position your brand in front of
17,000 visitors

Smart Cities Saudi Expo will complement the nation’s approaches to urban development and will showcase innovative and intelligent solutions tailored for cognitive environments. As the country continues to rapidly urbanize, with over 85% of the population residing in urban areas. This will lead to significant shifts in demographics, infrastructure demands, and urban planning strategies.

Participating will grant you the opportunity to gain access to Saudi’s groundbreaking initiative to establish cognitive communities, aligning with the ambitious goals of Vision 2030. This event provides you the chance to not only forge valuable connections with dynamic local businesses but also connect with the most forward-thinking and ambitious individuals in the region.

Why you should

Brand Awareness

Enjoy high-impact brand exposure amongst key buyers

Competitive Advantage

Differentiate yourself and remain ahead of your competitors

Brand Affiliation

Associate your company with a game-changing industry event

Sales Goals

Generate leads that result in tangible opportunities and real ROI

Opportunities through our
Sponsorship Packages

Registration Sponsor

Your logo will feature prominently throughout the registration journey:

• Logo placement on the header banner on the registration page
• Priority logo placement on the registration thank you page
• Priority logo placement on the registration confirmation email
• Exclusive logo placement on the registration desks and registration messaging onsite


Badge Sponsor

All badges distributed to all visitor types including sponsors, speakers, exhibitors, media and visitors will carry the badge sponsors logo along with the event logo only.


Lanyard Sponsor

All lanyards distributed to all visitor types such as VIPs, sponsors, exhibitors, media and visitors will carry the lanyard sponsors logo along with the event logo only.


Digital Screens

Highlight your brand on multiple digital screens across the venue.

• 1 large screen situated opposite Hall 3.
• 1 large screen situated at the south exit.
• 1 small screen outside each hall.
• 5-second slots at each screen give your brand outstanding visibility.
Small screen outside each hall: 1.44mH x 0.81mW
Large screen at the south exit: 10.88mW x 2.56mH


VIP Sponsor

Credit as VIP package sponsor on all VIP invitation covers sent to VIP invitees
(including officials from embassies, government organisations, associations
and leading visitor profiles).

• Logo on all VIP visitor badges
• Logo and mention as VIP sponsor on targeted VIP email invites
• VIP lounge sponsor (including branding inside the lounge)


Featured Exhibitor

Your company listing will be highlighted and prioritised on the 2024 online exhibitor list. Enhanced indication of stand on onsite floor plan.


Are you ready to expand your business in Saudi Arabia?

Long-term business relationships are forged from face-to-face meetings where trust and quality can be conveyed faster than any other medium. By exhibiting Smart Cities Saudi Expo you will have direct access to the thousands of key buyers and government officials.